First post!

Bloggin’ in the 21st century using jekyll

Welcome! This is my attempt at a new blog, and a proper personal website. Scroll on down to the about page to learn more about me.

I think I started a blog way back in 2013 or so, with the whole effort of buying a domain + server space and installing all the software, but it turned out that I only posted a few posts & the blog lapsed to the sands of time after I forgot to pay the server fee… Hopefully, this blog will be more robust and more frequently updated 🙂. Certainly this method (using jekyll and hosting on github), seems much more straightforward, and cheaper!


P.S. I’ve also decided that I will use this page to keep track of the software that I’m using to edit this blog.

  • The “hydejack” template/project I forked to make this blog
  • Markdown editing: MacDown
  • Syncing between Github & local copy: git command line
  • Serving a local copy: “bundle exec jekyll serve” while in local copy directory. note: while hosting jekyll will automatically update when you save a file. Nice!
  • The jekyll posts have to be named with dashes ‘-‘ not underscores ‘_’
  • The “_drafts” folder is a great option to store posts in progress, and this jekyll command will serve it properly to a public IP:

    bundle exec jekyll serve -H -D –future –unpublished

  • ImageMagick is a great way to quickly resize & reencode images. I installed it with macports, and used this [bash script] to resize things (misc_files/post1/
  • If you need to encrypt a file in a non obtrusive way (like for example, my CV) zip command line works pretty well:

    zip -ej FILENAME